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Collection House Limited : Collection House successfully raises $13 million and announces SPP
August 28, 2013

PRESS RELEASE: Cushman & Wakefield Selected to Lease Prominent Orange County Office Portfolio
August 27, 2013

Missouri Attorney General Accuses Walgreens Of Overcharging
August 27, 2013

Trump University Made False Claims, Lawsuit Says
August 24, 2013

Federal Court Allows Consumers to Curb Robo-Calls from Debt Collectors
August 23, 2013

Veteran dismisses his abusive practices suit against debt collector
August 13, 2013

Boom time for Spanish debt collectors
August 9, 2013

Consumer credit industry criticizes Ohio, Pennsylvania legislation on debt settlement
June 27, 2013

Credit & Collection Forum 2013 took place on June 6'th, at the JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel in Bucharest
June 10, 2013

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Global Risk Solutions Asia - GRSA Provides Risk Management, Fraud Investigation, Risk Analysis, Security Services, IPR - Intellectual Property Risk,, Brand protection, Anti Counterfeit services, Market Analysis, Field Services, Background Investigations, Financial Investigation, Skip Tracing, Due Diligence, Investigation, Training Services, Information Technology Security services across Asia: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand

Asia Today Online is the real-time news service for the Asia region. Offers a special opportunity to market products and services to senior executives of foreign firms actively involved in trade, services and manufacturing in Asia - and to Asian executives involved in regional and global trade business.

Caine & Weiner - Caine & Weiner, is a solution-based accounts receivable management company that provides credit & collection services to America's leading companies. Our clients are comprised of a broad cross-section of American industry. In fact 20% of the Fortune 500 companies use our services.

Business Credit Management UK is the website for all business related credit needs. The site is specifically designed to provide/share solutions and information to small to medium business owners as well as credit professionals within various industries - all over the world.

MOROSOLOGIA - is described as the science and study of late payments. This study includes identifying those practices which reduce late payments.

Credit Matters helps customers get paid for their products and services. Consequently, we look for WHY invoices aren't paid and do something about it through strategies to correct this situation. Credit Matters offers consulting programs, publications, learning exercises, and software

Creditreform in Croatia  - Creditreform d.o.o. has office in Zagreb, Gajeva 36.

SVC - DEBT ADMINISTRATION CENTER provides debt collection services. We collect debts from companies and natural persons worldwide, with a special attention to Lithuania, Russia and Europe. On handing debt control and debt collection to us, the Client saves a lot of valuable time, which can be used for other business purposes.

Decol offers a unique combination of business services, to both Local and International Companies. Services, primarily structured to assist in the prevention of commercial bad debt. A Global Company, operating for and on behalf of our Clients throughout the four corners of the world.

 Creditreform Bulgaria offers credit information and debt collection services. Creditreform Bulgaria is the Bulgarian office of the organization. CREDITREFORM, founded 1879 in Germany and now present in 15 European countries.

AICS - The Equalisers Of Cyberspace. Debt Collection Agency, Debt Collectors, Overdue Accounts Recovery, Credit Control. Unfortunately, the rise of the global marketplace has not been matched by the development of a global justice system to deal with the inevitable few who think that they are above the law.

CMS - We work with national and international speakers and trainers specialized in Credit Risk issues, Collections, Businesses, Marketing and Human Resources, making up a sound pro-fessional team, so as to provide our clients with the most complete range of services, thus helping them to improve their collection management.

M&C - The Global Commercial & Consumer Debt Management Specialist. Milliken & Craig, owned and managed by 3 directors, was established since early 1999. Collectively, we have more than 30 years of collections and credit experience amongst the founders in the MNC Environment.

CreditPlus Consulting & Collection - has been continuously on a quest for achieving excellence in values and teambuilding. We have therefore aquiered a special place on the credit management services market. We have invented keys where solutions seemed impossible; we have found ways to negotiate when the parties were only up to disputes.

AVK - As the Caribbean's #1 DEBT COLLECTION & CREDIT REPORTING AGENCY, we handle all BAD DEBT COLLECTIONS on a contingency basis ("NO Collection, NO Charge"), and provide FREE LISTING and circulation for MEMBERS of all delinquencies through the most widely used CREDIT BUREAU financial data base in this jurisdiction.

 Total Credit Management Services Hong Kong Limited ("Total Credit") was incorporated in 1987 and has been providing international credit management services principally in Hong Kong and China. Through our international network and offices.

CIMEX - is an organization created on October 1995. Our main purpose is to serve as a liaison mean between the investors, credit departments of the companies and their clients or prospects to provide all the necessary elements for taking decisions on granting credit lines.

Asset Credit Management S.A is the most active and fastest growing credit management company in Greece. We specialise in the provision of collection services, credit reporting and legal services in the geographic areas of Greece and Cyprus.

CRBAfrica is a professional body currently providing its subscribers with efficient solutions to debt problems through a comprehensive range of services.With headquarters located in Nairobi, Kenya, CRBAfrica is progressively expanding across the African continent, offering a professional network of franchised credit reference bureaux.

The IURIS JUSTITIA CREDITOR Group is one of the first Spanish entities dedicated to the debt collection business. specialized  in commercial debt collection, International debt collection, Judicial debt collection, Legal advises, Credit and prejuditial reports and Consultancy on credit management.

AHEA - The Australian Horticultural Exporters Association Inc. representing approximately 80% of horticultural exports,  is the National Peak Industry Body of Exporters, committed to the development of the export of Australian Horticultural products, namely fresh fruit and vegetables, edible nuts, cut flowers, native flowers, foliage and nursery produce.

Debt Collection Industry Information - Receive extensive financial and operational data on nearly 1,000 debt collection firms - worldwide. Also available is in-depth market research, as well as extensive news & analysis covering financial performance, mergers & acquisitions and enforcement actions.
First Detroit Corporation is the debt collection industry's publisher-of-record.

Stellar Risk Management Services

DSO ESPANA NEWS Magazine on line in spanish language that provides information about credit, cash and collection management, credit reports, factoring, credit insurance, software for credit management, news in the world of debt collection, credit and risk services, and how to improve DSO".

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